“NBA Twitter is ‘capping’”: Bradley Beal continues to be enigmatic on social media amidst trade request rumors away from Wizards

Bradley Beal is still being cryptic on social media about his desire to stay with the Washington Wizards as he likes a tweet about ‘cap’. 

The NBA trade rumor mill has been churning out some decent content for NBA fans this offseason. Of course, the ‘big fish’ that all teams are ready to pounce at is Damian Lillard but another superstar that has gone under the radar up until now is Bradley Beal. The Wizards star was involved in ‘Beal to the Lakers’ rumors last offseason and such hubbub hasn’t been close to dying down. 

Bradley Beal has been with the Washington Wizards for the entirety of his professional career, ever since being drafted in 2013. He has been quite a bit in merely 7-8 years of NBA play, everything from making it to the ECSF with John Wall, to carrying the Wizards in Wall’s absence, to getting booted from the first round alongside Russell Westbrook.

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Lack of postseason success usually leads to a star becoming disgruntled and rumors suggest that Bradley Beal is headed in this direction. 

Bradley Beal may be calling ‘cap’ on the trade request rumors. 

A couple days ago, rumors of a potential trade request from Bradley Beal’s side were creeping around, all over NBA Twitter and social media. Reportedly, Beal was on the fence on whether or not he should request a trade before the 2021 NBA Draft. Doing so prior to the Draft gives the Wizards flexibility on conjuring up a better trade package from suitors. 

Amidst this all, Bradley Beal has taken to Twitter to continue being as enigmatic as ever and has given fans a slight glimmer into his mindset at the moment. He took to the social media app to like a tweet that read, “the cap on this app,” and nothing else.

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‘Cap’ refers to someone lying and him doing this while the entirety of the NBA world talks about him potentially leaving Russell Westbrook in Washington is quite interesting. According to Shams Charania, it’s quite nearly impossible for the Lakers to make a move for goliaths like Beal and Dame. 

However, it was reported that if Bradley Beal were to request a trade, his first preference would be the Boston Celtics, so as to remain close with his childhood friend, Jayson Tatum. 

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