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Mysterious Island With Hollow Centre Goes Viral, Sparks Curiosity Among Netizens

Netizens were roped in for a curiosity-induced debate as a Google Maps image did rounds on Reddit. The image showcases a triangular landmass with a black, hollow center, surrounded by blue waters. A Reddit user named ‘kokoblocks’ shared the image of the mysterious island and, in the caption, wrote, “This looks nothing like an island.” The image sparked netizens’ curiosity, followed by a discourse on the origin and nature of the image. One user commented with a pun and wrote, “No, it does not. Not atoll.” Atolls are ring-shaped islands that are surrounded by a water body called Lagoon. “You found the loophole in geography. That is why I am on Reddit. Thank You,” wrote another.

what the FUCK this looks nothing like an island from GoogleMaps

Many users took out their metaphorical magnifying glasses and started their independent investigation. These self-appointed detectives devised multiple theories explaining the source of the image.

Some thought that the island was censored by Google Maps, citing a few examples of locations that are censored by the navigation app. “Looks censored for some reason,” wrote one user. “It wouldn’t make sense for a natural formation to be black in such small atoll/island. So it is censored,” wrote another.

Some users had a jolly time coming up with jokes about the image and ensuing hilarity on the social media space. One user wrote, “God dropped his guitar pick.” Another wrote, “Ladies and Gentlemen, they have found the island in ‘Lost’.” Some users thought that it was a portal to the Hollow Earth.

After a series of conversational tussles, one user finally unlocked the mystery surrounding the piece of land situated amid blue waters. According to the user, the island that has grabbed everybody’s attention is called Vostok Island, located in the Republic of Kiribati. The user added that the black center that ignited the discussion is actually a highly dense dark-green forest made of Pisonia trees.

What do you think of this wonder of nature?

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