Messi to … Charlotte? Social media has fun with soccer star’s sudden free agency

Lionel Messi to Charlotte FC? Not likely, but the sports world is having some fun with the newly-minted free agent.

Barcelona on Thursday afternoon made an announcement that shook the sports world — 34-year-old superstar Lionel Messi would no longer be part of the club after spending the better part of two decades in Catalonia. 

Teams around the world, and across many leagues and even different sports, took to social media to fantasize about signing the four-time UEFA Champions League winner. 

Charlotte FC — North Carolina’s MLS team that hasn’t even yet kicked a ball — proposed reaching out to the Argentine. 

Toronto FC was one of the other MLS clubs to acknowledge Messi’s free-agent status — even going so far as to photoshop him into their jersey.

In basketball, the Denver Nuggets feel Messi would fit in well with them.

Hockey teams even made their pitch to the living legend. The Iowa Wild, which is the AHL affiliate of the Minnesota Wild, thinks he’d look good in their sweater.

Early odds favor Messi heading to Paris Saint-Germain or Manchester City. Even so, it can’t hurt for a team to fire off a tweet making their case.

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