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“Sexy, mentally-ill, gay!” That quirky combination of words describes none other than Florida State’s self-proclaimed girlboss, @fsugirlboss on Instagram. The account, a satirical page not affiliated with the university that hopes to inspire Boss Babes at Florida State, started in April 2021 mid-pandemic after a University of Florida girlboss page popped up. 

“I saw that they [@ufgirlboss] were co-opting girlboss language in an attempt to satirize its absurdness, and I wanted to bring that messaging to FSU,” said @fsugirlboss. “FSU has seen unironic exclusionary ‘girlboss’ feminism on our campus and I thought it would be fun to satirically disparage this with queer students and students who aren’t represented in the politics of these movements.”

After the conception of @fsugirlboss, more “girlboss” social media pages appeared at other universities and @fsugirlboss saw an increase in popularity.

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