McKayla Adkins: Unexpected Star Quits Social Media, Will Retire from OnlyFans

Just a few months ago Unexpected Alum McKeira Adkins She shared baby # 3 as pregnant.

For some time she has recorded her life on social media.

She shared the news of her pregnancy, her getting married at a very young age, and her journey as an OnlyFans sex worker.

If that means dealing with hatred, McKeira ends the sharing. She quit OnlyFans, all Social media.

This week, 21-year-old McKayla Adkins announced that she would take a step back from everything.

She used Instagram to share and explain this change with many fans and followers.

“This will be a dramatic post lol and I’m sorry for that …” she started.

“But I’m leaving Instagram, Twitter and tik toklol,” McKeira said.

“Social media used to be fun,” she said.

“I spent some time here and really enjoyed it,” McKeira recalled.

McKeira Adkins Car Selfie

“But [not] “Already,” lamented McKeira.

“People are rude,” she explained.

McKeira said fans and followers were “highly demanding and hateful.”

McKayla Adkins IG leaves social media and quits OnlyFans

“And it’s no longer a space to share my thoughts,” McKeira explained.

She continued: “And the photo I just like f–king.”

McKeira went on to explain exactly why he couldn’t enjoy social media like he used to.

Orange Beanie McKeira Adkins

“I can’t say anything unless it’s questioned or suspected,” McKeira elaborated.

“I can’t post anything without judgment,” she said.

“That’s terrible,” McKeira characterized.

McKeira Adkin Sling


“I will keep other websites until the end of the year,” McKeira announced.

She revealed: “I will stop doing that in January.”

Other sites, OnlyFans, may not be safe to mention directly due to Instagram. Horrifying Pure policy.

Wig McKeira Adkins

“I think it’s time to move away from social media,” McKeira wrote with all his heart.

She added, “at least for me personally.”

In other words, McKeira isn’t asking for the end of the concept, it just shares that it no longer makes her happy.

McKeira Adkins Filter

“Thanks to everyone who supported me and did what I always do,” McKeira said.

She continued: “Instead of always trying to’expose’and hurt me.”

In other words, this is her problem. Famous While on social media.

Adkins, McKeira

“Thanks to the people who tried to keep me positive,” McKeira announced.

She really appreciated the aggressiveness of “when I received endless hatred.”

“Thank you for listening when you have something to say,” McKeira said from the bottom of his heart.

McKeira Adkins at sunset

“Thank you for caring about your business,” McKeira wrote.

“And don’t urge me to share everything about my personal life,” she continued.

McKeira asserted, “Thank you.”

McKeira Adkins Photo

“I’ll finish my trip on social media in four years because that’s all said,” McKeira wrote.

She concluded, “Goodbye, it’s time to do something new!”

We certainly hope she gets well.

McKeira Adkins Selfie

You don’t have to search too much to find out what McKeira meant when he mentioned hatred.

Even a dedicated “fan” page Unexpected It was full of vitriol around her.

Criticism of her was everywhere.

McKeira Adkins, fiancée

Some of it questioned her extreme youth, coupled with major decisions like becoming a parent and getting married.

In many respects, these questions are fair, but it’s rude (and pointlessly) to point her in the comments.

Others have expressed what can only be characterized as a prejudice against sex workers.

McKayla Adkins on Instagram

How cruel has McKeira seen if he could see it all in just a few seconds?

There are many malicious intents on social media.

At the very least, I can’t blame her for wanting to break away from everything.

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