MassageLuXe’s Social Media Program Has 4 Pillars for Success in a Post-Covid World

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We asked MassageLuXe Chief Growth Officer Kristen Pechacek: What changes are you planning to your social media as consumers begin shopping in person again post-Covid?

As a society, we have never been more concerned with our health and wellness, both physically and mentally. With more than 40 million Americans suffering from anxiety disorders and 50 million Americans experiencing chronic pain, consumers must be reminded that there is help available. MassageLuXe is using social media to help coach consumers on their health and wellness journey. Whether they are seeking relief in one of our nationwide spas, or making changes in their daily lives, the brand wants to be seen as a source of health and wellness advice. To help achieve this objective, the brand has four key content pillars.

  • Care: The primary pillar is “Care.” This pillar provides health and wellness advice centered around skin care, nutrition, stretching, water intake, sleep, and empowerment.

  • Contrast: This pillar focuses on the benefits of the services the brand provides and illustrates its differentiators.

  • Community: As a franchise, it is crucial for us to participate in community happenings. This pillar celebrates the community and the customers who support our spas and contains customer stories, reviews, and community happenings.

  • Culture: This pillar contains staff spotlights, spa events, and ownership and serves as an insider’s look into MassageLuXe.

These four content pillars are used for tracking to ensure that the bulk of our social content is focused on health and wellness advice with complementary content specific to our business.

In addition to a revamp of the content strategy, we are prioritizing local content from franchisees. Many studies have found that local content outperforms corporate-published content by up to 3x. The brand strikes a balance between corporate-generated content and content provided by franchisees by publishing a monthly local activation calendar franchise owners can delegate to their staff for implementation. The franchisor provides 50% of the graphics and content along with this calendar, which consists of daily suggestions for content. For example, “Take a 30-second video of an esthetician giving their go-to skin care tip.”

This hybrid approach to social publishing is positioned to encourage local audience connection and relatable content production on the social accounts, while publishing content consistent with brand thought leadership. With each piece of content, the head office poses the question, “If we create this for the franchisees, will it compromise the local feel of the business?” If the answer is no, it will be created and delivered for the franchisees. This ensures that franchisees are spending their time on content that cannot be created by the franchisor.

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