Man who preserves chicken nuggets, many with outfits, becomes TikTok famous

KALAMAZOO, MI– What started off as a joke has turned one man into a viral sensation on TikTok.

Zachery Lind, 22, preserved his first McNugget in 2017, to make wall art as a joke with a friend. Today he has racked up millions of views, thousands of followers and has made over 2,500 Etsy sales of you guessed it, preserved chicken nuggets.

The Kalamazoo native’s business on social media is “Nuggy.Buddy.” Lind recently sat down with MLive/ Kalamazoo Gazette to talk about his chicken nugget success.

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“I personally love the chicken nuggets that don’t have the crumble coating on it. I like the nice smooth it gives a better aesthetic look and it can kind of create a character better with them, I think,” Lind said.

Nugget hiding is how Nuggy Buddy got popular, he said. He hides nuggets around Kalamazoo and other cities he visits. The nuggets are hidden when he visits friends and when a bunch of TikTok comments ask him to visit a specific city.

People wanting to find nuggets need to work fast, because each hidden nugget is typically found within 15 to 20 minutes, Lind said.

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