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Kochi: A father-daughter duo from Kochi have come up with a social media platform that allows users to share micro-videos for airing their opinions.
The app called noo-gah!, developed by Kochiite Sanjai Velayudhan and his daughter Nakshatra, a 20-year-old NIFT student, was launched in India in July and is available in both Android and iOS.
The app showcases short videos by its users on various topics. The founder said that he wants noo-gah! to be a platform that is accepted across countries.
“I hope someday people will realize that change will come only when they put pressure on the government and we want to be the platform where people can come and talk about it fearlessly. And in the long run, we want to expand — by next year we will start it,” Velayudhan said.
“We are now in India and the Middle East and next we want to move on to Asia-Pacific region. The app is new and we are waiting for it to be stabilized and once it happens, we are moving to the APAC region. And then, we want to possibly move on to Europe, where we want to make sure that we are compliant fully with all their data laws. Depending on the investments, we might open the Europe and US together,” Velayudhan said.
A post-graduate from Centre for Labour Market Studies (CLMS), University of Leicester and a bachelor of commerce from Delhi University, Velayudhan had gained considerable experience across industries with a customer-centric approach and his forte is loyalty gamification—using the addictive aspects of games and using them to ensure customer loyalty.
Since its launch, users have posted hundreds of videos on the platform, Velayudhan said. These are videos with a duration of 20 seconds to up to 2 minutes.
Velayudhan had noted that since 2014, there is a polarization happening in the Indian community and he wanted to help people raise their voice through a common platform.
“We have users who also post their TikTok or Instagram videos on our app too – the lip-syncing videos,” he said. According to him, what he needed is a short ‘cerebral’ video that could discuss any topic. To ensure the quality of content, noo-gah! has to remove manually, on a daily basis, more than 200 posts which don’t adhere to the quality standards.

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