Maine restaurant owner voices frustrations about rude customers on social media

BRUNSWICK, Maine — A restaurant owner in Brunswick said she is so fed up with rude customers, that she took to Facebook to ask people to be nicer. The post is getting a lot of attention.

Cheri Siatras said ever since things have started opening back up, some customers have been mistreating her staff at Joshua’s Restaurant & Tavern in Brunswick.

“My husband and daughter came home Friday night from work and I asked how it was and they were like, ‘It’s comp central,'” Siatras said, meaning they had to give things away for free to customers. “Poor Sydney was out back, some guy almost made her cry,” said Siatras.

She said some are complaining about wait times and items being out of stock due to the pandemic. Her social media post has more than 4,000 likes and more than 2,000 shares.

“It’s a post about being nice. That should be common sense,” said Siatras.

HospitalityMaine said it has heard of this happening to other restaurants and it has been seeing it on social media.

“The restaurant industry is equal to any other industry as far as having [fewer] people working than we ever have. We are busier than we’ve ever been. In most cases, we are going to exceed 2019 levels both on the lodging and restaurant side and fewer employees,” said Gregory Dugal, the director of government affairs for HospitalityMaine.

He said the public needs to be more patient because there is nothing owners can do right now. Meanwhile, Siatras said she has a lot of great customers and said a lot of them are empathetic, but hopes her post reminds people about the importance of kindness.

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