Lone Star College-Kingwood art show is open to public

Whether it’s in a recital hall or an art gallery, professors can provide inspiration and direction for their students when they model by performance. Students often enjoy seeing their teachers perform, which may in turn help them develop aspirations and goals of their own.

This concept will be exemplified with the official opening reception for the 2022 Fall Faculty Art Show at 12 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 7. For those patrons who can’t make the Wednesday opening, there’s a second reception at 1:45 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 8. Light refreshments will be served, and the exhibition is free and open to the public.

“This show is a great opportunity for the community to see the kinds of studio art courses offered locally and the caliber of instructors at Lone Star College,” said Kris Larson, gallery director at LSC-Kingwood. “The audience will enjoy viewing the evolving work of these artists and the progress of their creative journeys.”

The Faculty Art Show will feature a wide range of visual art by professors Aaron Bielish, Perry Chandler, Cory Cryer, and Mari Omori. Artworks will include painting, ceramic, and installation work recently completed for the show.

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“These professional artists participate in national and international exhibitions and serve as mentors to their students,” Larson said. “This annual show allows students to see the talent of the professors who challenge and inspire them daily.”

Patrons who visit the gallery at the two receptions will have an opportunity to meet the professors and listen to them describe their work and inspiration.

Bielish combines his works, EYEmusic with an accompanying musical score. Another is an expression of isolation felt during the recent COVID stay-at-home orders. Chandler’s works focus on grief after facing the terrible loss of his grandfather.

The LSC-Kingwood Fine Arts Gallery is open from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday through Thursday or by appointment. For more information on the 2022 Faculty Art Show or future exhibitions, call 281-312-1534, email, or visit

Here’s a look at some of the works and a preview in the artist’s own words:

Aaron Bielish: “EYEmusic”


Aaron Bielish

Aaron Bielish

Lone Star College-Kingwood

“The EYEmusic series is an ongoing investigation into the nature and properties of a musical score. The works exist simultaneously in the disciplines of visual art and music. 

“EYEmusic is more than a graphic score open to free interpretation. It re-purposes elements of 19th-century program music, and each graphic score has a story. The difference between the 19th century and EYEmusic is that the story is shared with only the musicians. The stories act as a lens, focusing on the performers’ interpretations of the score. EYEmusic allows for personal access to each performer’s individual knowledge of their instrument by providing them with a score that implies musical gestures without providing traditional symbols.

“The drawings are inspired by a story, either personal to me or as a commissioned piece using another individual’s life event as the initial source of inspiration. In listening to an individual’s telling of their story, aspects of my life experiences intersect with the individual’s and become woven into the narrative. This interwoven narrative, the experience of life’s intersections, affects and changes the artist’s life, creating a certain sympathetic and empathetic energy that imbues the drawing and becomes the graphic score. The story is transfigured into a visual retelling through mark making, thus creating a unique EYEmusic score, which now also exists as visual art.

“The audience sees the visual art and listens to the music. The audience is free to make connections based on their experience of the two.”

Note: Bielish has 12 works in the show, six performances- a group will come out to play these scores through the run of the show- the Improv and Graphic Notation Workshop.

Perry Chandler: “We Fight Over Flowers”


Perry Chandler

Perry Chandler

Lone Star College-Kingwood

“These two mixed media pieces on paper were created earlier this year and from a place of grieving the loss of my grandfather. These two drawings explore the serious and darker nature of flowers being taken to funerals and how those bouquets of flowers become a piece of the person we lost and try to hold on to. I hope these works will create a pause with the viewer and challenge the nature of symbolic meaning behind beautiful things.”

Note: Chandler has two pieces in the exhibit. He created them using pencil, pen, ink, acrylic paint, spray paint, and nails on paper.

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