Logitech Unveils Desk Booking Solution for Hybrid Workplaces

Logitech has announced a desk booking service for hybrid workspaces to enable smoother hotdesking experiences for workers.

The solution runs on Logitech’s Logi Dock Flex, a fully-featured managed docking station designed for shared desks in flexible work environments.

In its offering announcement, Logitech said the transition to hybrid working creates challenges for employers in motivating employees back to the office, escalating the importance of data and insights in understanding space configuration and investment — a need that the Logi Dock Flex aims to address.

Scott Wharton, General Manager of Logitech B2B, commented:

Businesses know they have to earn the commute to get hybrid work employees into the office. The answer is not to add more foosball tables but to instead offer a way for employees to plan their in-office days together. We took a multidimensional approach to building Logi Dock Flex that not only solves desk booking and management issues, but promotes social collaboration and gives IT and workplace managers data on how the tech and space are being used.”

How the Logi Dock Flex Functions

Logitech’s desk booking service allows employees to plan days in the office with their teams. Workers can book a desk through Logi Tune and then notify their teammates in the app. After arriving on-premises, workers plug into Logi Dock Flex with a USB cable and can then start their work.

The Logi Deck Flex comprises an eight-inch display with three USB ports in the front and three in the back. It supports dual display and network connection to allow secure, standard-issue device connections. It’s also designed for BYOD and customizable so employees can use their own background photo and away message. They can join meetings with one touch through calendar integrations with the Logi Tune app, while for ad-hoc booking, the interactive panel informs if the desk is available.

The Logi Dock Flex can be installed and deployed at scale with secure cable management, and IT teams can organize the Dock Flex remotely to control booking settings, manage equipment, and personalize according to the company’s hybrid policies.

The Dock Flex’s multiservice capability means IT admins can choose between Microsoft Teams, Zoom Workspace Reservation, or Logitech’s own desk booking offering. The Logitech desk booking service doesn’t require purchasing Logitech hardware and is managed through Logitech Sync. It can be deployed through either Logi Dock Flex or by using QR codes to work stand-alone.

Logitech’s Commitment to Hybrid Working

Logitech has been committed to hybrid work solutions long-term. The vendor even launched “New Logic of Work” commitment to empowering organisations and their people to grow the possibilities of hybrid work.

Earlier this year, Logitech launched the budget but high-quality Brio 300 webcams. They are HD 1080p webcams with high dynamic contrast, automatic light correction, and a single digital noise-cancelling microphone that allows users to see in poor lighting and eliminate background noise. The webcam connects to users’ computers via the USB-C connector, making it easy to join video conferences. A built-in privacy shutter can block the camera lens, allowing users a hidden workspace.

Last year, Logitech partnered with Avocor to collaborate between Avocor’s “Touch” interactive displays with Logitech’s “Collaborative” meeting room solutions. The CollabTouch includes the Avocor E and G series displays with Logitech’s Rally Bar, Rally Bar Mini, and more. It can be deployed in meeting spaces of all sizes. Logitech believed the CollabTouch was an all-in-one solution, offering business users “equitable, interactive, virtual” experiences.

Last October, Logitech also introduced the AI-powered tabletop camera “Logitech Sight” to intelligently capture meeting participants for greater meeting equity. The Sight was designed to solve the question of where cameras and microphones should be positioned in a meeting room to capture all participants effectively.  

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