Local family brings awareness to hydrocephalus through TikTok, six-year-old Ace is beating the odds

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Ace is like most six-year-old boys, he loves playing with his brothers, school and music. His family describe him as someone who is always smiling and laughing. His mother, Sheridan Gleason, likes to say, “To know Ace is to love Ace, because Ace loves everyone.”

But his doctors say Ace is lucky to be alive. When Sheridan was 20 weeks pregnant, doctors told her and her husband that their son didn’t have a brain and not to expect life after birth.

“We walked into our neurosurgeon’s office one day and he literally looked at my husband and I and goes ‘That kid should be D-E-A-D and he’s walking in my office,’” Gleason recalled.

Born with hydrocephalus, a condition that fills his brain with fluid, Ace had his first brain surgery at two days old. Now, he is beating the odds and keeps a positive attitude. He also attends therapy at the West Texas Rehab Center.

“We started doing our research, my husband and I, and we just landed on West Texas Rehab because we’re both from Abilene and we just decided it was worth the drive,” said Gleason.

Now, Ace and his mom make TikToks to bring awareness to hydrocephalus and show people what living with this condition is like.

“I didn’t know anything about hydrocephalus before we got diagnosed and it’s very common. One of the number one reasons why children have shunts and so, my goal is just to bring awareness and know that it’s almost not normal to have a normal pregnancy. That we all have something,” expressed Gleason.

Ace’s family say they appreciate the small things. It’s his laugh and personality that keeps them going through their medical journey.

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