Liz Truss Reveals Her Two Teenage Daughters Run Her Own Social Media Campaign In The Race For Prime Minister

Foreign Secretary and current UK prime ministerial candidate Liz Truss has revealed that her two teenage daughters are running their campaign on social media.

This Wednesday, Truss and former finance minister Rishi Sunak entered the final stage of the competition that will determine who Will take over from Boris Johnson As leader of the British Conservative Party and Prime Minister of the country.

“There were a lot of hugs and pats on the back,” Truss said in an interview with The Telegraph newspaper.

In addition, he thanked his daughters Francis, 16, and Liberty, 13, for their help during the campaign, especially on social media. “My eldest daughter is working on the digital team,” she said.

“Have a GCSE [Certificado General de Educación Secundaria] computer science, so he’s helping with that. And my youngest daughter was there too, giving general political advice,” she said, adding that she would leave her family vacation at Disney World in Florida (USA) “so that she could focus on winning“Race.

Recognized as the preferred candidate among grassroots voters, the chancellor promised Review all retained EU laws By the end of next year the post-Brexit in a “bureaucratic bonfire” and abandoning or replacing what they see as an impediment to Britain’s development.

She also said that, if elected, she would set a “sunset” deadline for each trade regulation originating from the EU and assess whether it encourages domestic growth or investment by the end of 2023.

The British Parliament kicked off the holiday period this Thursday, and the two finalists will take part in 12 campaigns to tour the country over the next six weeks. Conservative Party member Who will vote for their next leader. The result will be announced on September 5 and a day later the new prime minister will take over.

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