Lionsgate Enters NFT Market With Saw Trading Cards [EXCLUSIVE]

After the sellout success of Street Fighter NFT trading cards, WAX is partnering with Lionsgate on a new Saw NFT series.

Lionsgate’s Saw movie franchise is getting into the NFT game with a new series of digital trading cards making its debut on the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) NFT Marketplace. The series 1 collection will be released on July 27. Each pack contains a variety of build and base cards that can be combined to create a set of 215 NFTs showcasing characters, weapons, props, and locations from the iconic films.

The Saw franchise spans nine films centered around the mysterious John Kramer/Jigsaw played by Tobin Bell. This mastermind killer makes elaborate traps, forcing his victims to play twisted games of life and death. The latest installment in the franchise, Spiral: From the Book of Saw, starring Chris Rock, Samuel L Jackson, Max Minghella, and Marisol Nichols, took a step in a new direction, focusing more on the cops trying to solve the new murders rather than the killer himself.

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This is the first series of NFTs from Lionsgate. If you’re an interested collector, make sure to move quickly; WAX’s last card series for Street Fighter sold out in 35 seconds.

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Jigsaw NFT from WAX

How to Buy The SAW Series 1 NFT Collection on the WAX Blockchain

On July 27, 2021, WAX will release a unique NFT series full of crafting twists and turns. Packs go on sale at 1 pm EST and can be unwrapped at 4 pm EST. Click here to learn more.

What’s in Each Pack?

SAW Series 1 packs contain a variety of iconic build and base cards that can be combined to create a set of 215 thrilling NFTs (including build variations) — showcasing characters, weapons, props, and locations from the films.

Of course, Jigsaw is referring to the infamous bathroom, a huge, white-tiled room located in the underground tunnel network. It plays a central role in this thrilling NFT crafting adventure, so be prepared!

There are six (6) bone-chilling rarities that can be crafted via build cards, including:

  • Base
  • Rusted
  • Sparks
  • Saw Blades
  • Bloody
  • Spiral Spray Paint

Choose from Two Pack Sizes

  • Standard Packs containing a mix of 9 build and base cards for $14.99
  • Mega Packs containing a mix of 33 build and base cards for $49.99

There are a total of 11,333 Standard Packs and 16,666 Mega Packs available. They are expected to go fast, so we strongly recommend getting ready ahead of time.

Join Us for a Stress Test

Join WAX the day prior to the official launch on July 26, at 1 pm EST, and enjoy a free promo-pack as a “thank you” for helping ensure a smooth release. Check out the official WAX Discord to sign up.

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WAX’s Saw NFT cards go on sale on July 27 at 1 PM EST.

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