Lin Wood’s social media post violated rules, Michigan filing contends

A court filing Tuesday asked a federal judge to examine whether attorney Lin Wood should be held in criminal contempt for a social media post after a lengthy hearing on the actions of lawyers involved in the failed push to overturn Michigan’s election.

The proceeding before U.S. District Court Judge Linda Parker lasted about six hours Monday. It focused on whether Wood of Georgia, Sidney Powell of Texas and seven other attorneys filed frivolous claims as they sought to have former President Donald Trump named Michigan’s winner.

Afterward, Wood posted a message on the platform Telegram that included a recording of Powell’s closing remarks, according to media reports. Wood labeled her comments “eloquent.” According to the Tuesday court filing by Wayne County voter Robert Davis, who intervened in the case previously, and his attorney, Andrew Paterson, local court rules prohibit “the recording or broadcasting of judicial proceedings by radio or television or other means.”

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