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Letter: Drop TV and social media; seek impartial news outlets | Letters to the editor

We can go tit-for-tat on what media outlets do or don’t cover, but I believe it more important to turn away from many of them — particularly 24-hour cable news. Fox, CNN, MSNBC, OAN. These are not objective news operations. They are partisan propaganda tools fueling both sides of the ideological divide plaguing our country.

Today, audience ratings drive revenues derived from advertisers. Adding viewers is now more important than informing them objectively.

Consequently, cable news builds audiences by feeding partisan appetites and offering a headline-blazing mix of news supplemented by hours of opinions. Social media serves as an amplifier.

What to do? Move away from the TV and step back from Twitter and Facebook. Gather facts from multiple sources. Study civics and be reminded of our Founding Fathers’ genius when they created the framework of our republic. Remember the risks associated with the tyranny of the majority and tyranny of the minority.

We need to understand how our government really operates to clear out the loaded rhetoric, selective facts and misleading campaign slogans that drive hyperpartisanship.

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