Laid off Amazon India employee says she is grieving, turns to LinkedIn for job search

By Abhik Sengupta: Amazon India employees are slowly getting impacted by company-wide layoffs. So far, around 500 employees across verticals are said to be affected, and it appears some employees have already received the termination letter. A former employee at Amazon’s Bengaluru office is deeply affected by the layoff and is struggling to find a job.. In a post on LinkedIn, former employee Srishti Dasgupta who worked as a senior compliance associate, wrote that she has been struggling to process the layoff for over 20 days.

Dasgupta’s post adds that she has been feeling a “range of emotions” since she got relieved from her role in April. The post reads:

“I have been feeling a range of emotions since then, including grief, anger, and uncertainty. I’m grieving the loss of my job, the relationships I built with my colleagues, and the sense of purpose I felt in my work. I’m also angry at the situation, and I’m feeling uncertain about what the future holds. I know that I’m not alone in this experience. Many people are laid off every year, and it’s a difficult time.”

Dasgupta points out that she is still processing the situation and looking for new opportunities.

As layoffs at Amazon continue, more impacted workers are coming online and sharing their stories every week. In most cases, the former employees have spoken well about the company, colleagues and the culture. However, they were mostly disappointed with the layoff process.

Earlier this month, another ex-Amazon employee shared that she got locked out of her system following lunch. Later, the employee realised that she got laid off. She has also expressed dissatisfaction over the company’s handling of the layoff situation.

Earlier this week, a report stated that many employees in Amazon Web Services (AWS), People Experience and Technology Solutions (PXT), and other units at Amazon India were affected. Some employees may also receive relieving letter soon.

Apart from layoffs, Amazon is taking other measures to mitigate expenses, including restructuring its business to ensure long-term growth. Recently, the company decided to shut down its Halo fitness division. This came months after the company launched the premium Halo Rise, a no-contact sleep tracker.

However, the company is now shifting its focus-towards newer-gen products as generative AI tools, including ChatGPT and Microsoft Bing Chat, get popular. A separate report highlights that Amazon has some job openings for developers to improve its shopping app. The company wants to add ChatGPT-like conversational features to the Amazon search bar.

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