KLKTN (Kollektion) Raises USD4 Million to Launch New NFT Platform for K-POP, Anime and J-CULTURE

KLKTN is a new digital platform built for a new era in fandom, for musicians and artists to share their behind-the-scenes content and creative process, and enrich engagement with their fans by offering them a unique opportunity to show their support and appreciation. Fans can choose, purchase and own authentic digital “Special Edition” collectibles and digitally tokenized “Moments”. In addition to sharing exclusive footage of the production process via text, photos and video clips, artists can choose to “mint” these moments into a limited supply of authenticated digital products often referred to as “NFTs” (non-fungible tokens).

KLKTN invites fans on a creative journey with the most innovative artists in the world to curate, explore and share. Ownership of digital assets is a relatively new phenomenon, which has become possible through the utilization of blockchain technology.

KLKTN is built by a team of industry insiders – the three co-founders include Jeff Miyahara, Fabiano Soriani and Daisuke Iwase. The visionary mastermind behind KLKTN is Jeff Miyahara, the company’s Chief Creative Officer. An iconic Japanese-Korean record producer and songwriter, based in Tokyo, Miyahara has produced over 260 J-POP / K-POP and international artists. His works have amassed over 40 million copies in physical and digital sales, contributing to the countless accolades attributed to his name. He said, “We collaborate with the most innovative artists around the world. The ones who really move you. The ones you really love. Together, we’re exploring the intersection of creativity and technology, enriching connections, reimagining relationships and broadening reach.

KLKTN’s Chief Technology Officer, Fabiano Soriani, is a veteran in the NFT industry. As one of the early employees of Dapper Labs, he led the creation of Crypto Kitties as their Lead Blockchain Engineer, and worked on the development of the FLOW blockchain as the distributed systems researcher. He and his technology team are based in Vancouver. “I am extremely excited to partner with Daisuke and Jeff to bring to the entertainment industry the benefits of blockchain for the next billion users. I’m also excited to connect fans and idols in completely new experiences that were not possible before,” said Soriani.

Based in KLKTN’s global headquarters in Hong Kong, Chief Executive Officer Daisuke Iwase, is a well-respected fintech entrepreneur in Japan. A digital pioneer, he co-founded Lifenet, a disruptive Japanese fintech venture, and took it to IPO. A graduate of Harvard Business School and a former Young Global Leader with the World Economic Forum, Iwase also served as the Group Chief Digital Officer for one of the largest financial institutions in Asia Pacific. “The entertainment industry is ripe for a blockchain revolution and I am interested in being at the forefront of bringing changes to benefit artists, musicians and fans. The emerging concept of ownership of digital assets has the potential to have a huge impact on our society and it will be exciting to play a role in facilitating innovation at the intersection of technology, finance and culture. I am honoured to be leading a multinational team that is taking on the challenge of creating that future,” said Iwase.

On 23 July 2021, KLKTN will launch the special edition drop of “Got It”, the new US debut single by K-pop star Kevin Woo, KLKTN’s Creative Director in Residence. This drop will feature original Special Editions and collectible Moments, inspired by the new single’s music video. Kevin Woo is a Korean-American singer, actor, TV host and creative director, currently based in Los Angeles. He is most notably recognized as the main vocalist in the K-pop idol group U-KISS, which debuted in 2008. In 2017, Kevin made his departure from U-KISS to launch his solo career, paving the way for a global K-Pop industry explosion.

KLKTN is backed by influential investors who share our vision to reshape the creative industries. Its main investors include the likes of BEENOS, an influential Japanese internet and entertainment company, and Animoca Brands, a leader in digital entertainment, blockchain, gamification, and artificial intelligence and one of the key players in the NFT space with more than 50 investments in NFT-related blockchain companies. Other investors include Gusto Collective, Asia’s leading brand-tech group which combines ‘best in class’ storytelling and immersive technology as well as BlackPine, a private investment company based in Hong Kong.

“KLKTN has opened up new possibilities and opportunities for artists and fans by transforming how the world values art and music. Together, we’re taking the best of music’s offline experience culture into the digital world and we look forward to partnering with innovative musicians and artists,” said Iwase.

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What is KLKTN?
KLKTN is a digital platform that allows fans to follow the creative process of their favourite artists. Fans can purchase limited edition digital art and ‘moments’ of the artist’s creative process.

What makes KLKTN unique?
KLKTN is run by a professional and international team of music industry professionals who aim to put the power back into the hands of artists. We don’t just own or invest in digital assets, we see new value in the experiences and opportunities for self-expression through them. Through the transformation of NFT technology, we are building an authentic community and culture.

Is KLKTN a marketplace for NFT?
KLKTN is not just a marketplace for trading NFTs, it is a space for artists to unleash their creativity and expand their activities. It enriches the interaction between artists and fans by allowing creators to share their creative process, publish exclusive content and create new means of communication.

How does KLKTN enrich the interaction between artists and fans?
KLKTN provides a behind-the-scenes experience of an artist’s creative process. The journey of an artist’s work from the beginning to the end. It’s a journey of trial and error, rehearsals and relaxation. Share this journey with your favourite artists and make a part of it your own. Deepen your relationship with the artist and make the best real-life music experience possible, digitally.

KLKTN uses blockchain, and we recognise that ‘trust’ is key. It forms a strong and enduring connection between creators and consumers. Inspired by the ‘fandom’ trend, KLKTN uses technology to create a movement that evolves, surprises and grows.

Do I need to worry about NFT environmental issues?
The KLKTN is built on the Flow blockchain, which is 99.9% more energy efficient than other blockchains. It is more affordable for users, which makes it valuable for both artists and fans. This Flow is what underpins some of the most popular and successful NFT platforms.


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