Kate Moss Model Sister Joins OnlyFans-With Strange Offer!

do not know Kate moss‘Kid sister? You are coming soon …

Lottie moss She follows in the footsteps of her sister in that she is also a successful model — things are a little different these days.

Kate soon became a supermodel Include Super model in the mid 90’s. However, Lotti is only 23 years old, less than half of Kate’s 47 years old. She wasn’t even born when Kate Moss became a popular name. By the time she was in elementary school, the idea of ​​a supermodel at the level of her sister’s fame had long passed.Indeed, in recognition of its name (and we are convinced of her own set of skills!), She has been in the spotlight since she was a teenager, but with the internet Instagram In modeling, you need to make as much money as you can.

Keep this in mind when jumping into the latest gurl ventures …

Lotti is the latest participant OnlyFansAn adult entertainment platform that has recently become more popular among celebrities who have cut the flasher cloth more than others.Other recent OF stars include: Bella Thorne, Amber rose, Jordyn Woods, Taiga,and Tyler Posey..

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She announced the news on 350k Instagram Weekend followers simply say:

“Guessing just to join OF !!!”

But hey, I think the attached photo tells the details of the story …

Hey, later Daniel Bhad Bhabie Reportedly Made a million dollars In her first 6 hours on the site, you can hardly blame her, right? !!

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Besides, she wasn’t going to go Hailey beaver root. Gurl has been introducing her body to IG for some time, but it only seems to have stopped due to the boundaries set by the app.

Butt Lotti jumps on the table with both feet with a rather strange offer.

On her OF page, she announced that she could join for free, but with a $ 200 tip to access VIP content.

“VIP is the place for my most explicit content and unlimited free chat here and I receive so many messages! Disclaimer: Everything included really comes with Masu !! haha ​​”

This includes requesting custom content, live pay-per-view access, and — wait for it. Buy panties.. Yes, gurl sells her panties to the most 30 fans. Kate should never have tried it!

Sure, Kate was selling a lot of underwear Calvin Klein, But it wasn’t second hand!! Lol!

In 2017, my sister Kate and Lottie Moss. / (C) Phill Lewis / WENN

Who do you think will be the next person to join OnlyFans? And what do they offer next?

[Image via Lottie Moss/Instagram/WENN/Avalon.]

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