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Karen Mendoza, the Binibining Pilipinas 2022 candidate from Iloilo, expressed regret on the cryptic post she shared a few days ago.

She wrote: “Queens are structured to act a certain way. Dress appropriately, be polite and noble, should always abide by the rules, greet everyone with a smile and wave. But aren’t we living in the 21st century?

“Society always puts so many labels on how we should act. If you didn’t say hi to fans, you are not friendly. If you don’t dress like your own style, you can’t fit in. If you had body enhancement, you’re not authentic. If you stand up for yourself or others, you are overreacting.

“If you made that one mistake. People will will criticize you and bring you down. They don’t even care about your explanation.”

She doesn’t want to be that person.

“I want to be me. The flaws and the good. I want to be remembered as the girl who is not afraid not to be okay. An inspiration that your emotions don’t define and recognizing and labeling how you feel is the first step to healing,” she related.

“That’s why I want to apologize on the photo I posted a few days back. Like everyone else, I wanted answers too. What was written on that piece of paper will cost a dream and I wanted to help shed light on the many questions.”

She deleted it following the organization’s clarification.

“Binibini is the pageant I joined in because I believe in the organization,” she said. “I wasn’t afraid to lose. I already know I won because I tried. I don’t want to be that girl who didn’t try because she was afraid to lose. That regret is going to haunt you forever.”

“I thought my first binibini was my first and last but I thank each and every one who pushed me to try again. Thank you for giving me hope and being behind me throughout my journey. I couldn’t do it without your encouragement,” she added.

Karen then congratulated the winners – Binibining Pilipinas 2022 2nd runner-up Stacey Daniella Gabriel, Binibining Pilipinas 2022 1st runner-up Herlene Budol, Binibining Pilipinas Grand International 2022 Roberta Angela Tamondong, Binibining Pilipinas 2022 Globe Chelsea Fernandez, Gabrielle, and Nicole.

She said: “To Stacey, you are a ray of sunshine, all throughout, to Herlene, I’ve seen you blossom you are amazing, to Roberta and Chelsea, I may not have spent so much time with you both but I see that driving force, you’re both unstoppable, to Gabi, I’ve seen your struggles, and all that condo late night talks are worth it. You outdid yourself. To Nicole, since you were in shutter I know you’ll do wonderful in every field. Can’t wait for what’s ahead. Love you all!”

Recall that days after the Pageant’s finals, Karen “signed off” from pageantry.

She then wrote about her being asked by fans if there is one girl she would like to win the International crown aside from herself.

Karen named Gabrielle Basiano.

“Please watch @theqrownph interview for proof. And take a good look at the next photo,” she said.

It is a picture from the coronation night where a staff could be seen holding a paper bearing a text with numbers and international titles.

Karen added in another post: “My heart goes out to my 2021 sisters. Who I know performed so well in the press presentation.”

She then uploaded a magnified version of the same picture.

However, pageant hosts Catriona Gray and Nicole Cordoves quickly set the record straight, reiterating that they announced the winners “based on the titles printed on the individual title cards…”

According to them, as former candidates themselves, they understand what the girls go through and would, therefore — without a second thought — correct any errors, if any were made.

A member of Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc. (BPCI) executive committee, Miss International 2005 Lara Quigaman, echoed the same.

“NOTHING HAPPENS BY MISTAKE. There were no mistakes. Our New Bb. Pilipinas Queens are worthy, deserving and are the rightful winners of their respective titles who I know and believe in my heart will make the Philippines proud,” she pointed out.





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