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July 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans » OnlyFans Blog

Jen Ferguson is a social media influencer, personal trainer and chef. She specialises in creating lifestyle, fashion and food content. Now, she’s on OnlyFans to provide healthy lifestyle tips, demonstrate her amazing cooking skills, display her fashionable outfits, share her goofy personality and interact with her fans on a personal level.

Talking about how OnlyFans has brought her plenty of benefits, she says:

“OnlyFans has created a whole new and exciting world for me! As a social media influencer, personal trainer and healthy chef, it’s nearly impossible for me to interact on a personal level with all my followers on the daily. By joining OnlyFans, I now have a special place where I’m able to “meet up” with my followers, interact and allow them to get to know me so much better than what they see on my other platforms! If you’re looking for a fresh, fit and funny mom to get to know, subscribe to my page for free! Xo”

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