Jordan Peele Reveals Viral Website Jupiter’s Claim Tied To ‘Nope’ – Deadline

A new viral website has popped up to promote Jordan Peele’s upcoming horror film, Nope. 

Peele took to Twitter to post a link to the website The site seems to chronicle the set piece which is a makeshift western town of the same name as the site. On the website you can explore the town by visiting the bank, a theater, the “winking well,” general store, star lasso, and P.O. Box. You can play games on the website but every so often the site will turn dark and the captions change. 

For example, on the “winking well,” page the initial caption reads:

“As above, so below here at Jupiter’s Claim’s “Winkin’ Well!” You’ll wanna look your best as you gaze down into the void and spend your hard earned Jangle®️ cranking out a photographic document of your handsome prospecting lifestyle. Don’t forget to give those flashbulbs a wink as you smile into the past.”

But when the site turns dark, that caption changes to this: 

“Look down into the well. Look up toward the skies above. Whatever you may wish, it will not change anything. It cannot be undone. It cannot be unseen. If you fear the darkness that lies ahead, peer into the well and pray you may be spared.”

Jupiter’s Claim has clues all around the website where fans can explore and come to their own conclusions. 

What is Nope?  While a trailer already dropped, in it we see that aliens are haunting siblings played by Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer. There’s cowboys and clouds with something that kills flickering, galloping horses, sky and a reference to metal probes – whatever it is, they’re coming back.

“You think whatever killed Pops is out there?” Palmer asks her bro as their ranch and desert home are rocked by sandstorms, and…waterfalls. A UFO appears at the end of the trailer, possibly revealing what the whole environmental problems are about.

The film also stars Steven Yuen, Michael Wincott, and Brandon Perea.

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