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Joe Rogan to Jesse Singal: Dems Blackballed Bernie Sanders

Joe Rogan went after those who condemned Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) for appearing on his podcast as a Democratic presidential candidate in 2019, calling it a “coordinated” attack.

Rogan invited journalist Jesse Singal to the podcast on Wednesday, during which Singal claimed that the response Sanders received for meeting with the Joe Rogan Experience host contributed to his “gradual loss of faith” in mainstream media.

“Well, that was coordinated,” Rogan replied. “It was coordinated because they didn’t want Bernie to win. It’s really simple.”

Singal then questioned if Rogan thinks supporters of Hillary Clinton amplified the backlash to prevent Sanders from winning in the Democratic primaries.

“One hundred percent,” Rogan said. “They connected Bernie to me, they took jokes out of context, and they connected Bernie to being a person who supports someone who has abhorrent views. That’s what it is.”

“If I had done the exact same conversation with the exact same endorsement of [Joe] Biden, or whoever they wanted at the time, they would have applauded it and they would have amplified it. They didn’t want Bernie to win. Really clear and simple.”

Rogan noted that he largely received heat from the left, and not from conservatives, when he interviewed Sanders — predicting that Democrats just “don’t want that guy to win. Ever.”

“You can’t control him, that’s the thing!” Rogan added.

Singal agreed that the media often misrepresents Sanders’ ideals, calling reports on his politics “disconnected” from reality.

“But that’s what they do. It just shows you that this game of politics, it’s not a clean game,” Rogan said. “It’s a game of influence, it’s a game of lobbyists, and special interest groups, and massive amounts of money — and it’s been dirty forever. It’s a dirty fucking game.”

Watch above, via The Joe Rogan Experience. 

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