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“Joe did the right thing”

Chael Sonnen (left), Joe Rogan interviews Conor McGregor after UFC 264 (right) [Right Image Courtesy: @thenotoriousmma on Instagram]

Chael Sonnen claims Joe Rogan shouldn’t be blamed for Conor McGregor’s distasteful comments in the aftermath of the UFC 264 main event. McGregor suffered a leg break in the fight and was in tremendous pain when Rogan interviewed him.

While some people criticized McGregor for his comments, others claimed that the pain caused a state of delirium which led to McGregor’s angry rant about Dustin Poirier and his wife. Many believe that it was a mistake on Rogan’s part to interview Conor McGregor after he had just broken his leg. However, Chael Sonnen feels otherwise.

“So now Conor’s calling him over. You’re going to say no to a guy, why, because he’s hurt? So now you’re adding insult to injury. Not only do you lose, you’re not going to get to say your piece. Could you imagine? Of course, Joe did the right thing. Of course he should have interviewed Conor” said Sonnen on Bad Guy INC.

‘The American Gangster’ pointed out it was Conor McGregor who’d asked Joe Rogan to interview him after the fight and not the other way around. According to Sonnen, it would have been a disrespectful gesture on Rogan’s part if he hadn’t obliged the Irishman with the interview.

Watch Chael Sonnen’s full video below:

Chael Sonnen also spoke about how Sean O’Malley was interviewed by Rogan inside the octagon after suffering a leg injury against Andre Soukhamthath at UFC 222. While it wasn’t a compound fracture as severe as McGregor’s, it was a pretty nasty injury.

Sonnen pointed out that although he was on the ground in agony and had a microphone in front of his face, O’Malley handled the situation brilliantly. Additionally, Joe Rogan was lauded for the interview. Sonnen reiterated that the reason Joe Rogan was receiving criticism was because of Conor McGregor’s comments and not because he interviewed an injured fighter.

Watch Sean O’Malley’s UFC 222 post-fight interview below:

What did Conor McGregor say to Joe Rogan at UFC 264?

Contrary to what some people might think, it was Conor McGregor who asked to be interviewed by Joe Rogan at UFC 264. In a recent episode of his podcast, Rogan explained why he interviewed McGregor.

“People are like, ‘Why did you interview him?’ He actually brought me over. He said like ‘Come on Joe, let’s have a f***ing podcast’. He asked me to sit down next to him. I was like, ‘How am I gonna do this? I feel like I should just get something out of him. Even if you recognize the fact that he is emotionally charged up, this is just him expressing himself when he is emotionally charged up” said Rogan.

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