JiiPee, Creator of “Milky Way Mosaic” Auctions Apollo 11 Tribute Art on SuperRare NFT Exchange

NEW YORK, July 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Advised by JVD Co. LLC, Finnish astrophotographer and artist JiiPee (full name: Jukka-Pekka Metsävainio), who captivated the world with his 12-year effort to capture a view of the Milky Way encompassing over 200 million stars, releases his tribute to astronaut Michael Collins and the Apollo 11 mission as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) through the SuperRare NFT platform.

“Voices of Apollo 11” will be auctioned to celebrate the 52-year anniversary of the historic trip to the moon and will start on July 20, 2021 which corresponds to the landing of the spacecraft on the moon and is scheduled to end on August 3, 2021.

After JiiPee unveiled his Milky Way mosaic, worldwide coverage included Michael Collins, who tweeted about it, praising it as a “beautiful mosaic of the Milky Way”. Collins’ admiration so humbled and impressed JiiPee that he decided to create his “Voices of Apollo 11” artwork as a tribute to Collins, who died soon after posting the tweet.

JiiPee used the transcribed audio from the Apollo 11 mission to create an image of the moon that displays a “spectacular” tapestry of human interaction, a historical event and the beauty of the universe. JiiPee created the artwork as a tribute to Collins and feels that auctioning this 1/1 NFT would best honor Collins and his work by donating portions of the proceeds to efforts that represent Collins’ enthusiasm to help mankind understand science and outer space.

“Because he was a director of educational STEM projects for the Air & Space Museum, I decided that I would donate a large part of the funds from the sale of the NFT to help fund the Virtual Moon project creating multi-user virtual experiences for kids and providing access to the Apollo 11 landing site for educational institutions worldwide,” said JiiPee.

JiiPee will also donate some of the proceeds from the NFT sale to Janet’s Planet, a charitable organization that teaches young people about Science Technology Engineering Art Mathematics (STEAM) and outer space.

JiiPee (J-P Metsävainio) is a Finnish visual artist and astrophotographer whose artwork captures the majesty and beauty of the universe. Full information on “Voices of Apollo 11” artwork is at For further information on J-P’s work including his historic “Grand Mosaic of the Milky Way Galaxy”, please visit

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