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It’s Official! Adobe Stock Sells Images Generated By Artificial Intelligence

Photoshop’s parent company, Adobe, has decided to accept AI-generated artwork on its Stock photo service. A number of regulations must now be followed by users as a result of the company’s revised policy.

Identifying content that has been created by AI falls within this category, as does getting approval before using texts or pictures as references for finished artwork. In addition to enabling Adobe to conduct more thorough AI experiments, the move is meant to assist Adobe in overcoming copyright infringement difficulties.

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According to reports, producers of fine art have been cautioned by the policy not to abuse artificial intelligence and flood the galleries with comparable images. Illustrations, not photographs, must be given for all of the work that is submitted.

The way other people are addressing the issue is very different from Adobe’s strategy, which strives to assist creators in showcasing their work. For instance, Getty Photographs earlier in September prohibited AI-generated images from appearing on its site. It was a strategy used by the platform to avoid copyright problems

“Adobe Stock is unable to advise you on whether or not you may submit the generated artwork to Adobe Stock under the conditions of the license for a particular AI technology or application. To establish if the created content may be uploaded to Adobe Stock, you, or your legal counsel, must study the licensing conditions, according to a blog post from the firm.

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Adobe, which was founded in 1982, is now extending its tools and services to include Web3 flavors for images and animation connected to the metaverse. The California-based company developed tools for creating video games and the metaverse in October of this year. Adobe also unveiled new capabilities that month to enhance Photoshop with more sophisticated AI functions.

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