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It’s ‘A Den of Thieves’

Joe Rogan trashed Saturday Night Live as on Wednesday as a “den of thieves” for the show’s feudal policies related to taking content from its applicants, writers and performers.

“By all accounts, that place is a den of thieves,” Rogan said on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, during an interview with comedian Shane Gillis. “You hear Jim Breuer’s account of the climate in that place and it’s horrific. They’re all stealing from writers, they’re stealing from performers. If you’re a writer and you submit your packages, the higher-up writers will steal your sh*t, according to Breuer.”

Breuer, a comedian, appeared on SNL from 1995-98. He acknowledged in a 2020 interview that he “didn’t watch the show” after he left.

“If you submit a package, they own that package, even if they don’t hire you,” Rogan said. “So if you have some great premises, they decide they’re just going to take your premises and not hire you, they own all those bits.”

Watch above via The Joe Rogan Experience.

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