Is Your Brands Social Media Web 3.0 Friendly?

How has Web 3.0, also known as the ‘third generation of the evolution of the World Wide Web’, affected social media and marketers?

Web 2.0, which was initially seen as a great development for businesses, allowed customers and brands to connect in ways which they previously could not. However, data privacy came into play as data was being utilized for advertising revenue.

This is where Web 3.0 came into fruition, allowing users to take the power back. Web 3.0, powered by blockchain technology, will be decentralized and allow websites and apps to process information in an intelligent manner through artificial intelligence. 

An example of the decentralization is that, for example, an Instagram post, which usually doesn’t show on one’s Facebook or Twitter feed, can actually be integrated in the future.

Furthermore, user privacy and data won’t be sold for ads by big social media corporations as it previously has been. According to Search Engine Journal, “marketers and brands can be less reliant on big techs, like Google and Facebook, and focus more on community, creators, and even crypto.” Interesting, right? 

Speaking of Web 3.0 and how it will impact social media, Farhiya Ali, Leading Social Account Strategist at The Brains:

“A decentralized web will give back power to audiences. It will allow companies and businesses alike to build and nurture their relationships with their target audiences, enabling a tighter grip on their top-funnel marketing strategies, i.e. brand awareness, recall and recognition. 

With the integration of cryptocurrency, social media channels, this will allow creators and businesses to monetize their content, which means there won’t be much reliance on ads for content.”

—  Farhiya Ali, Leading Social Account Strategist, The Brains

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