Is Logan Paul really going to fight TikTok’s infamous Andrew Tate?

Tate, 35, a former world champion kickboxer and Big Brother contestant, has enjoyed unprecedented fame in recent months after his videos have amassed millions of views online, as well as causing widespread offence.

The White Ribbon charity, which aims to end male violence against women in the UK, has called Tate’s comments “extremely misogynistic” and said they could have “concerning” long-term effects on a young audience.

But, what are the rumours surrounding a possible fight between Paul and Tate, and what’s been said?

Here’s everything you need to know.

What has been said?

Charities are calling for videos of Andrew Tate to be removed from TikTok over concerns they encourage violence on women

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Jake Paul appeared on Logan’s Impaulsive podcast on Tuesday, in which he discussed a possible showdown with Tate.

Speaking on the podcast, Logan asked: “Jake, I know he’s been talking s**t about you bro. With your blessing, can I beat the s**t out of Andrew f**king Tate?”

Jake responded by saying that his brother Logan should fight him, declaring: “If my brother doesn’t f**k you up, I will. It has to go down.”

In 2021, Tate offered Jake $3 million (£2.5 million) for a sanctioned fight, after claiming he needed a “reality check”.

However, Paul doesn’t think that Tate would fight with either brother, as losing has the potential to seriously damage his standing online.

Speaking on the podcast, he said: “I don’t think he gets in the ring with one of us. It’s too big of a risk for him. He’s ‘alpha male,’ right? That’s his whole entire thing.

“And when he loses – he will lose to either one of us he fights … his whole schtick goes out the window.”

Logan added that he believes that Tate won’t be as culturally significant in a few months, saying: “When I’m shopping the idea around to my advisers, they’re concerned that he won’t be as poppin’ as he is right now, or as relevant, in December or January.”

What are the rumours surrounding a possible fight?

Logan Paul has received his brother’s blessing to ‘beat the s***’ out of Andrew Tate

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Jake Paul has claimed that he received a message from the controversial TikTok star, but that it was deleted before he had a chance to read it.

During the recent appearance on the podcast, the YouTuber showed a message on his phone, indicating that Tate had at one point tried to contact him.

“He unsent it, but it shows that he tried to send me a message at some point,” Jake said.

“He called me out like two years ago and I remember seeing it and swiping because I was like ‘who is this guy?’ There’s always someone calling me out.

“Then this interviewer asked me recently would I fight Andrew Tate and that’s when I started to see this guy pop up all over the internet. I was like ‘oh that’s Andrew Tate’, but what I’m saying is that Andrew, if my brother doesn’t f*** you up, I will.”

Tate has also reached out to Paul suggesting a fight on a number of occasions. previously indicating that there are “sophisticated negotiations” underway for a fight between him and one of the Paul brothers.

In a Twitch stream with Adin Ross, Tate said: “I know everyone wants that”, when asked about whether a fight with either of the Paul brothers was on the cards.

“These are sophisticated negotiations that involve a lot of parties so we shouldn’t be talking about it on here,” he added, according to the Mirror.

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