‘I’m trolled for being on OnlyFans – mums sneer on school run and call me a slag’

A mum is sick of being judged for posting sexy pictures on her OnlyFans page.

Carla Bellucci says she’s constantly given snide looks by other parents on the school run.

The 39-year-old, from Hitchin, Herts, told the Daily Star: “The school run is horrific – mums stand and gossip non stop.

“Parents evenings are a nightmare as I can feel them talking about me as I walk past.

“They even make up petitions about me online to try and stop me being on OnlyFans.

“I have heard that they have also held meetings about me – it’s all crazy beyond me!”

Carla Bellucci said she’s constantly judged by mums on the school run

Carla, who is currently pregnant, added: “The mums will even get together for wine nights and gossip I have been told they have held coffee mornings to talk nonsense about me.”

The mum-of-three has also been branded a “porn star” by people who don’t understand the world of glamour modelling.

She said: “I get judged so much for being on OnlyFans being called a porn star.

“They say I must be a slag for getting my kit off.

“They love to bring up that I was an ex Page 3 model that used to pose topless – they love to talk about that not let it go.”

Carla Bellucci
Carla said people have branded her a “slag” for posing topless

The mum revealed some even send her online abuse.

She said: “I have proof that mums are the ones who troll – they do it off their own accounts it never shocks me how dumb they can be.”

And not only that, some follow Carla on the adult subscription site purely to spy on what she’s getting up to.

Carla said: “Mums have admitted to subscribing because they are so desperate to see what I’m up to.”

Carla Bellucci
Carla says she’s gossiped about and trolled online

Instead of letting the cruel comments get her down, the influencer feels sorry for judgemental mums.

She said: “These mums are volatile – it makes me think what a crap life they must lead to be trolling me.

“My message would be to live life, be happy and don’t judge.

“If they are that curious about OnlyFans maybe they should get hot and open an account!

“I am so tempted to offer classes to mumzillas to teach them how to be hot!”

Carla Bellucci
The mum-of-three refuses to let trolls bring her down

It’s not the first time Carla has had to deal with trolls.

Back in 2019, she was branded the “most hated woman in Britain” after admitting to blagging a nose job on the NHS.

The mum was forced to flee her home after having her car and house pelted with eggs.

At the time, Carla admitted she’d brought the criticism “on herself” but hated the way it was impacting her life and children.

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