I became an OnlyFans model to ‘release the shame’ I felt for being expressive sexually

MOTHER, businesswoman, model, and life coach Lana May is a woman who has it all.

After starting an OnlyFans page two years ago, she now brings in six figures a year and her success is based on her belief that you can be sexy while being taken seriously professionally. 


While Lana May is a life coach to men, she also wants to empower womenCredit: Collin Stark
She wants women to feel comfortable being sexy and show them they can still  be respected in the workplace


She wants women to feel comfortable being sexy and show them they can still be respected in the workplaceCredit: Collin Stark

“I wanna show women that it’s so possible to do everything,” Lana said, speaking to The Sun. 

“You don’t have to just be sexy. You can do a career woman, a mom, you can be sexy, and you can coach men, and you get all the respect and you get money and you get everything you want.”

The path to reaching her confident, empowering 42-year-old self wasn’t a straight one.

Lana grew up living in Russia and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and always had the drive to make money.

So, at 18 years old, she skipped college and became a computer programmer after completing a certification course.

About 10 years ago, Lana decided to give up corporate life and become an actress, so she moved to Los Angeles with her husband and daughter to pursue her passion. 

Lana May has worked with some of Hollywood's biggest names


Lana May has worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest namesCredit: Collin Stark

Lana landed a few gigs, but her husband was the breadwinner of the family.

When they divorced, she did everything she could to keep a roof over her and her daughter’s head.

“I knew I had to hustle and make money,” Lana recalled.


After her divorce, Lana took any job possible to make ends meet.

“I was broke. [I] had to move in with my daughter to this little one-bedroom apartment and I remember one Christmas I gave her socks.

“She still brings it up to me. I had no money,” she said. 

Luckily, a friend offered Lana a job booking massages at a spa, and she never turned back.

She fell in love with the fact that people around her were making money, she enjoyed working with clients, and she found thrill in booking clients at the highest rates possible. 

The massage business eventually closed, but by then, she was able to grow her own clientele and is now the CEO of The Bliss Experience, a luxury massage service. 

To date, she has booked A-list celebrities such as Christina Aguilera, Cardi B, Chris Brown, and more.

Lana may got into life coaching only because a massage client encouraged her to


Lana may got into life coaching only because a massage client encouraged her toCredit: Collin Stark


Lana never planned on also being a life coach, but when a massage client with whom she had formed a trusting relationship said she should try it out, she did – and it worked wonders. 

Now, she coaches men in all aspects of life, from financial help to relationship advice. 

“I [had been] been coaching men without actually doing it as a job. Like it was a natural thing,” she said. 

“I would coach my ex-husband, like he made his first million dollars. I would coach all my boyfriends, friends. I was so inspired to coach men because I didn’t have a really strong male role model.”

Lana feels the stigma of men asking for help has gone away, and said men certainly need it and are willing to get it. 

“There was no help available to men and because I’m a woman, they didn’t have the fences. They were open to learning,” she explained.

Surprisingly enough, many of her coaching clients come from OnlyFans.

“Men just feel like [OnlyFans] is a safe space for them to come back to ask me questions,” she noted.

If they do want her help, though, they need to pay.

Her coaching sessions cost $250 per hour.

Lana May has followers on OnlyFans reach out to her for life advice


Lana May has followers on OnlyFans reach out to her for life adviceCredit: Collin Stark


Lana made the move to OnlyFans two years ago for a few reasons. 

“I decided I’m going to take a break and I just wanna do whatever makes me happy and I realized I wanna express myself,” she noted. 

She used this self-expression to heal trauma from her upbringing.

“I had a lot of shame from Russia and growing up in that kind of Soviet Union society. 

“It’s very much shamed to be a sexually evolved woman. So I wanted to heal that and I basically just started doing a lot of self-development,” she said.

Lana also said she completed some training to help herself “release the shame and guilt” associated with being a sexual woman. 

Now, she juggles her massage business, life coaching business, and OnlyFans guilt-free while attaining everything she dreamed of for herself.

Lana May's daughter (left) is her motivator


Lana May’s daughter (left) is her motivatorCredit: Collin Stark


Running three separate businesses is no easy feat.

Lana’s normal day consists of a lot of talking to many different people.

“[I talk to] a lot of clients and my fans on OnlyFans, and respond to a lot of emails,’ she said.

“And I take sexy pictures and I post them.”

Her secret to getting it all done? Self love. 

“I do a lot of self-care. I do a lot of self-love. Like I’ll go to the beach. I’ll meditate,” she shared.

“So I get up at 6am, sometimes 7am and do like two hours of self-love and then I start the day and then I kick a**.” 

At the end of the day, Lana just wants to empower everyone she can, including her 16-year-old daughter.

“I wanted to show my daughter that if I can do it, you can do it.” 

“I also want to show women after divorce, after they’ve been down, that they can do that,” she concluded.

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