Husky captured howling along with ‘Zootopia’ in viral TikTok video

Wolf or dog? An internet-star husky was captured in an online video howling along to “Zootopia.”

In a clip posted to TikTok by @zeusthehuskyy1, which has amassed over 13 million views and 3 million “likes,” the dog can be seen watching 19 seconds of his “favorite movie.”

“Wanted to see if my dog would howl during the howling scene in Zootopia,” the user wrote.

In this part of the Disney film, the wolf Gary is guarding an asylum when the bunny Judy starts howling to distract him. Gary can’t help but start howling himself, which triggers all the wolf guards to mimic the sound.

Watching the scene, Zeus the husky immediately begins howling at the screen along with the on-screen wolves.

“His favourite movie,” the user captioned the video, accompanied by a smiley face emoji and the hashtags #huskyhowling, #huskies and #dogsoftiktok, among others.

Though already known as a popular dog on TikTok, people in the comment section couldn’t get over how much the husky looked like a wolf himself.

“Ma’am there is a full sized wolf in your living room,” wrote _sym_01.

Others said he resembles the “Star Wars” Wookiee warrior Chewbacca.

TikTok user @farlighkygrabb wrote, “bro sounds like chewbaca.”

“My husky is broken. He doesn’t howl, rarely barks. Apparently he’s always been that way,” @stephanie_vp1 wrote.

“He’s never felt so validated!” wrote @safflowerjas.

The TikTok account has shared several other videos of the dog howling, including one with a side-by-side comparison to Chewbacca. That video garnered over 120,000 views in a matter of five days.

Zeus the Husky posted its first video on Aug. 25 and already has over 44,600 followers and a total of more than 3 million likes on their seven short clips.

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