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In person, you may be an introvert and shy away from being the centre of attention. Online, however, you want more people looking at you. Whether here in Europe of abroad, profile views are the foremost metric for individual brand presence on LinkedIn. Their quantity measures your visibility while their quality also determines your ability to network and generate leads.

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Did you know that both metrics can be privately viewed by you on your LinkedIn dashboard? If you haven’t noticed this feature, first click on the Me Icon, then use the View Profile option and select the profile views tab under the “Your Dashboard” section. The next page will show the total count of profile views, change since the last week, recent visitors and the number of interesting views.  

Here are key suggestions to increase your profile views, whether it’s a personal account or one for your business.

Optimise your profile.

Complete all the sections of your Profile. Fill up all the details to make your profile unique. This way, LinkedIn will categorise you as an All-Star Profile and improve your rankings within the LinkedIn Searches.

Additionally, use the “Edit Public Profile and URL” link to rename your profile with a combination of your name and a keyword. For example, your role title, industry. To see this in action, here’s my profile.

Make sure that your display image is a professional picture as it increases profile views by at least 14X. Then, optimise with keywords to improve the ranking in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP), especially of Google and Bing. Compile a list of keywords from your resume, profiles of peers and competitors, popular content in your industry and various keyword generators. Use three to six of these unique keywords to optimise:

The profile headline.

The text of each section.

Names of the images and media files on your profile.

Optimise the keywords every week and analyse the profile views page to identify the best performing keywords.

Grow your network.

You can network with the right people on LinkedIn via:

My network page: This page suggests the best possible networkers, based on your profile, activities and current network. This page also shows a list of influencers, pages and groups that are popular in your industry and network.

Home Page: Study the relevant content that shows up on your feed. Comment on the post and connect with the author or people interacting on the post. Click on the hashtags and follow the ones that are of interest to you.

Groups: LinkedIn groups allow you to send messages to users beyond your network, who also happen to be members of that group. Hence, you must carefully select groups that increase your outreach as well as your content visibility.

The fatal mistake that 90 percent of members will make is to join groups for their industry. Instead, join groups where your clients will be and, if you have been a member of that group for more than five days, you can send them a private message without being connected to them – this is gold!

It is best to study the profile of the other user to determine if you need to send a personalised invite or a referral from a mutual connection.

Post content regularly.

Your content may attract a lot of engagement but it must also translate into profile views. If the content is of good quality, it is the best tool to attract viewers to your profile.

First, implement a content calendar for different kinds of posts and articles.  Revise your calendar and content until you achieve desirable results. Avoid the use of third-party links in the posts and include three to five relevant hashtags within the post. These hashtags can help your post turn up in topical searches on LinkedIn.

Moreover, after you have posted several items of content on LinkedIn, add the best performing LinkedIn content in the Featured section. The high volume of content will invariably result in higher-profile views.

To improve the quality of the inbound traffic, use the right nametags to attract connections and influencers to your content. The use of name tags may also motivate influencers and connections to tag you on their content and help boost profile views. However, do note that if more than 50 percent of people tagged do not interact with your post or untag themselves, its reach will be penalized by LinkedIn, so tag with care!

Make LinkedIn a part of your marketing footprint.

Add the LinkedIn profile link in your e-mail signature or hyperlink it to your name. Use it in your content and upload it on other social media posts. You can also share your QR code from the LinkedIn App. Click on the square icon in the search bar and follow the prompt to share it or save it to your gallery. Furthermore, you can print this QR code on hard copies of your resume, business card, letterheads, invitations, flyers, brochures etc. This enables the audience of your offline content to visit your profile instantly.

If you haven’t seen this in action, it appears as follows:

Point your camera at it and see the magic ensue!

Expert guidance and user-friendly tools can help in easy implementation of the above-mentioned steps. Increased profile views are a result of a consistent daily LinkedIn presence and strategy, SERP rankings, quality content and tactful use of profile links and codes.

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