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Date and time

If you do have a date in mind, confirm a date and click ‘Next.’ When you click this you can then decide on a specific time. This is a great opportunity for you to reach as many of your fans as possible at your convenience. For example, if you live in the UK and a majority of your fans are in the US, perhaps you have to stay up late to release content at a time for them. However, with this feature you can select any time of day and the post will go out automatically.

Queuing content ahead of time also means you can also make changes before the content is released. So, you can adjust the date and time at any point if you like. This flexibility is a great way to ensure your content is being released at exactly the right time and date for you and your fans.

When you are happy with your content, its description, and the release schedule, click the blue ‘Schedule’ button. You will need to press this button if want to do the ‘Save For Later’ option too. Your post will then be saved.

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