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How to use AI: Best free online artificial intelligence courses

FREE COURSES: Artificial intelligence could make your life a lot easier, but you need to understand this technology first. Find a wide range of artificial intelligence courses(Opens in a new tab) for free on Udemy.

Artificial intelligence was not dominating online conversations this time last year, but now it seems like it’s all anyone is talking about in the tech world. Some recent developments have been somewhat scary, to say the least. What’s clear is that this technology is not going anywhere, so you could benefit from better understanding recent developments.

The good news is that you can learn all about artificial intelligence and services like ChatGPT and Microsoft’s AI Bing chatbot on Udemy. This popular online learning platform hosts a wide range of beginner-friendly courses on just about everything, with some of the best online artificial intelligence courses available for free.

We have scoured the site for the best free artificial intelligence courses, and lined up five of the best examples available this week:

By opting for the free version of these courses, you do miss out on things like a certificate of completion or direct messaging with the instructor. That’s a blow, but you can still learn at a time and pace that suits you thanks to unlimited access to the video content.

Better understand the world of artificial intelligence with the best free online courses on Udemy.

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