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Apple Music looks pretty great out of the box, but it’s even better with dark mode. Here’s how to enable it on all the supported platforms.

Apple Music is a streaming service with a lot to offer — including an excellent dark mode that can be enabled on almost every platform it’s available for. Dark mode isn’t a new concept for applications these days, but it remains one of the most essential features out there. A dark interface is easier on people’s eyes, safer to use at night, and often has a sleeker appearance than its light counterpart. Within the last couple of years, dark mode has become much more widely adopted across individual apps and entire operating systems.

In regards to Apple Music, Apple’s streaming service is quickly becoming a big competitor for Spotify. It delivers a virtually identical library of songs, exclusive live radio stations, and highly polished apps for both mobile and desktop. In June 2021, Apple Music went a step further by offering Lossless Audio and Spatial Audio as a free upgrade for all of its users — greatly increasing the quality of music on the service. Spotify still reigns supreme as the most popular music streamer on the planet, but Apple is making headway to slowly chip away at that title.

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Apple Music is set to a light/white theme by default, but users can quickly change it to a dark mode. Starting with Apple Music on iPhone, dark mode for the app is handled entirely by iOS’s dark mode settings. Open the Settings app, scroll down, and tap ‘Display & Brightness.’ If the Appearance section at the top is set to Light, tap ‘Dark.’ Not only does this turn on Apple Music’s dark mode, but it also enables a dark theme for all other supported apps and the entire iOS interface. Users can also control dark mode automatically if they don’t want to do it manually. Tap the toggle next to ‘Automatic’ if it isn’t already enabled. From there, tap ‘Options’ and then choose how iOS will cycle between its light and dark themes (either Sunset to Sunrise or Custom Schedule).

How To Use Apple Music Dark Mode On Android And Mac

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For Apple Music users on Android, the process is a little different. From the Apple Music app, tap the three dots in the upper-right corner, tap ‘Settings,’ scroll down, and tap ‘Theme’ under Display Options. Tap ‘Dark’ to manually change it to the dark theme, or tap ‘System Default’ to change the theme automatically with the Android phone’s system-wide dark mode (similar to iOS).

On Mac, the process is similar to iOS in that Apple Music dark mode is handled exclusively by the system-wide control. Click the Apple logo at the top-left of the screen, click ‘System Preferences,’ click ‘General,’ and click ‘Dark’ to manually change Apple Music (and other supported apps) to dark mode instantly. Alternatively, click ‘Auto’ to have dark mode automatically turn on and off based on the time of day.

Windows users, unfortunately, are currently left out from the dark mode party. Folks regularly complain to Apple about dark mode’s absence, but there are zero signs of this changing in the near future. Not to mention, the entire Apple Music interface in the iTunes Windows app is outdated compared to its Mac counterpart. It’s always possible that Apple will eventually update this to bring dark mode to iTunes/Apple Music on Windows, but that’s not the case for the time being.

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