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How to build a strong NFT Community | NFT Tips and Tricks

In this NFT guide for beginners, you’ll learn about the discord NFT community, some great NFT selling tips and what it takes to become a successful NFT Artist and build a strong community organically. Talking to Junkyard Dogs NFT co-founder Chef Dizzy there will be some exclusive announcements for the Junkyard Dogs Community, a look at NFT Opensea and a discussion around the NFT Gas Wars and general NFT gas pricing as well. Chef will also look at the long term vision for this NFT and answer some all important questions from the community. For anyone completely new to the world of nfts then this is a great way to start your information gathering on non fungible tokens and to get some great NFT Discord tips and to really understand what are nfts and how do they work. It will also give you great insight into what to look for when searching for the best nfts to buy and also how to find nfts early. Learning from someone who has been there, done that will really help you see just how much effort it takes to be a success in NFTs. So watch, listen and learn. DISCLAIMER: ** THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL OR LEGAL ADVICE ONLY OPINIONS OF MYSELF AND MY GUESTS. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INVESTMENT OR LEGAL DECISIONS YOU CHOOSE TO MAKE. ANYONE ENTERING INTO THE WORLD OF NFTS SHOULD DO SO CAUTIOUSLY AND ONLY BE WILLING TO SPEND WHAT THEY CAN AFFORD TO LOSE ** CONTENT CHAPTERS: 00:00 – Introduction 00:53 – Chef Dizzy reveal 03:26 – What is Junkyard Dogs and how did it begin? 06:03 – What you need in your NFT team 06:20 – Do you need a pre existing social community to start? 08:51 – What you need to have a solid NFT project and how to stand out 11:50 – Pulling off a successful launch and KPI’s 13:08 – Gas Wars and prices what does this mean for the community? 17:26 – What has JYD learned from pre-launch 19:00 – Proof of attendance protocol 20:45 – How to utilise additional social platforms like Clubhouse 22:35 – What does the Visa Crypto Punk purchase mean for NFT’s? 24:28 – JYD’s community concept outside of the digital space 27:22 – What type of community members do you want 28:22 – What your avatar means in relation to your community? 31:46 – How artist and influencer collaborations can help the community 33:34 – Why you should buy into a community 33:46 – The Scrap system and Hash Garage collaboration 35:06 – Skull Kid collaboration 36:36 – Long term vision for the NFT space 39:07 – Long term vision for Junkyard Dogs 40:17 – The Scrap system airdrops! **EXCLUSIVE** 42:50 – Looking at Side chains 43:33 – Converting Ethereum to stable coins 44:17 – Opportunities for mobile optimisation – update for Bone Holders **EXCLUSIVE!** 46:17 – Which undervalued projects are out there in the space? 48:14 – Tips for joining the Junkyard Dogs team 50:35 – Where will JYD be in 5 and 10 years? Any questions please leave in the comments section below, please don’t forget to like and subscribe to this channel for more updates, NFT News and NFT Artist interviews: Follow Nifty World on Twitter Follow Chef Dizzy on Twitter Follow Junkyard Dogs on Twitter Learn more about Junkyard Dogs Join Junkyard Dogs NFT Discord Purchase your own Junkyard Dog NFT at… Music:

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