How Social Media Conspiracies Are Spreading Lies About The Global Food Crisis

A report by the Network Contagion Research Institute (NCRI) has found that these same lines are now being fed into Twitter and other sites that can spread misinformation. The report, which was published on July 28, notes that despite protestations, the Kremlin has proactively stated they will use hunger as a weapon. Specifically, their aim is that a famine will reduce enthusiasm for defending Ukraine.

While this is happening, the phrase “new world order” has been becoming more prevalent on Twitter. According to the report, the accounts using the phrase had overlap with anti-vaccine and QAnon propaganda. Two things make them important here, though. First, since Dutch farmers began protesting the impact that emission cuts will have on their work, the phrase “new world order” has seen an explosion in popularity, with some conspiracy theorists worrying that the World Economic Forum will assassinate farmers and force people to begin eating insects.

The second reason is that many of these accounts are also connected to pro-Putin misinformation accounts. “Taken together,” the report concludes, “these data suggest that networks that disseminate pro-Putin material and engage in inauthentic coordinated behavior are now switching to amplify NWO/globalist narratives in tandem with narratives about food security and agricultural mandates.”

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