How Much Crypto Has Been Stolen in the Last Three Months?

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Cryptocurrencies haven’t been doing so hot lately. The last three or four months have seen prices plummet, and the general outlook for crypto bros (and gals) has been grim. But crypto’s cruel summer and the instability that’s come with it haven’t changed the fact that fraud, theft, and financial mayhem are still going strong in the web3 world!

Approximately four months ago, we did a roundup of the biggest crypto heists of the year. At that point, in early May, a little over a billion dollars had already been stolen in various hacking incidents. We said then that we might do another slideshow four months later or “every billion stolen dollars.”

We were joking, of course, but, alas, here we are—four months later—and things haven’t much improved. That’s why we’ve decided to stick to our word. The scams and heists listed below involve some $2 billion in stolen crypto, but some of them are the result of years of pilfering that only recently came to a head. Here’s a quick look at some of the biggest and weirdest crypto thefts of the summer.

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