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How I Dropped The Ball This Week

(By Ed Ryan) After 12 hours of interviews with revenue generating podcasters, I have only one regret. I couldn’t take notes fast enough. These podcasting pros provided so much new information, anyone who attended will most certainly have an advantage as the podcasting revenue pie heads toward $1 Billion. Here are a few examples.

Be confident in your content. Like radio, it’s all about content in podcasting. If you create a great show, listeners will follow.

The small stuff counts. If you want your show to be discovered, spend some time creating great show notes. If you mention a product or a website or a news story or a sponsor always provide links to that content in your show notes. In addition to search, your listeners want that information easy to find.

Always promote. Get on other podcasts. Trade appearances on your show for appearances on other shows. Adam Curry told us his No Agenda Show podcast really took off when he appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast. Obviously not everyone can appear on Rogan’s show, but you have to start somewhere. Reach out, make contact with other hosts, and make sure you listen to their show before you pitch yourself.

Create YOUR tribe. As you grow your listener base, gather their e-mails. Do not rely on Facebook or Twitter or YouTube as your only point of contact with listeners. As we’re finding out they can cut anyone off at anytime for any reason. An e-mail database is key to staying in touch with your tribe. Then…stay in contact with them at least once per week. Send them an interesting news item or a clip from the show or ask them for show feedback. Then, ask them to share your show with friends. As so many of our guests this week said, you are building an audience one listener at a time.

Ask for support. Yes, there is a fine line between asking for support and sounding like you’re begging. However, as Dave Gifford taught us decades ago, ‘Ask and you get, don’t and you won’t.’ Whether you use PayPal or Patreon or, it’s ok to ask. These people are making an extra effort to listen to your show. They like what you are doing.

There’s so much more to share from the last three days, which I’ll do, after reviewing the videos. However, if you want to get all the information yourself, you can order the replay HERE.

I want to thank all of our great guests and sponsors over the last three days. How to Make Real Money Podcasting was a real joy to organize and a pleasure to be a part of. It’s clear everyone in the podcasting space is passionate about what they do and so willing to help out others.

If you have any questions about the event or need any contact information, or even if you have a question about podcasting, reach out any time.

Ed Ryan
Radio Ink / Podcast Business Journal
[email protected]


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