How Does Gen Z Use LinkedIn, and What Types of Content Resonate?

Editor’s note. In a previous post, we explored best practices for marketing to Gen Z. In this post, we concentrate our focus on Gen Z and LinkedIn. We’ll explore the preferences, traits and values Gen Z brings to LinkedIn, as well as their engagement trends on the platform. You’ll learn how and why Gen Zers are most likely to use LinkedIn, as well as the types of content they’re most likely to consume. Be sure to catch the next post on Dec. 12, which covers what brands are doing to reach Gen Z on LinkedIn.

Gen Z is the fastest-growing global audience demographic on LinkedIn. At present, there are 78 million global Gen Zers on LinkedIn, representing roughly 10% of LinkedIn’s global member base. Soon, Gen Z will become the largest generation of consumers, currently accounting for $143 billion in direct spending.

The goal of this post is to use our latest data to inform your marketing efforts and better equip you to reach and engage an audience that’s vital for long-term growth. Let’s dive in. 

How Do Gen Zers Across the World Feel about LinkedIn?

Gen Zers on LinkedIn generally think of the platform as trustworthy. That is, they trust the LinkedIn brand, they feel safe posting and interacting on the site, and they see the content shared with them as relevant.

They also see benefits in the business-related content being posted on LinkedIn: 80% of Gen Zers say they’re interested in following more companies and organizations on LinkedIn; 75% say that companies and organizations post valuable content on their LinkedIn Pages.

For social media activities related to networking, learning, and research, Gen Zers prefer LinkedIn over other channels.

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