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how can humans overcome fear of high-tech?

As we move from self-flushing toilets to autonomous vehicles, can we move beyond a boss-slave baseline and learn to work with machines?

(Image: Mitchell Squire/Private Media)

Say the word “drone” and the average human brain jumps to surveillance, spies, and… well, insert any sinister sentiment you please.

This is no doubt abetted by Hollywood renditions of robots that outwit their programmers and angle for evil, but the reality is that these machines are more often mundane than menacing. So why are humans programmed to react with fear and loathing towards a pre-programmed system?

“We see drones how the Egyptians used to see birds: ‘What do you want, why do you look at me, why are you following me?’ ” scientific futurist from the Australian National University’s recently opened School of Cybernetics Dr Catherine Ball told Crikey.

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