Hong Kong Titled The Most Crypto Ready Country In 2022

By topping the crypto ready country table with a 8.6/10 score, Hong Kong is leading the chart. To assess the most crypto-ready countries, the data examines the number of crypto ATMs, cryptocurrency legislation and taxation, the number of blockchain startups, and the countries with the highest degree of interest in crypto.

Cryptographic adoption has detonated throughout the course of recent years. Once they were viewed as a speculative asset, many organisations, states and people have now understood its true capacity and embraced its future of financial technology. 

In any case, which nations are generally considered ready for the crypto revolution? 

A clearer look into the information gathered by the Forex report, we find out by, taking a number of crypto ATMs, the regulation and taxes encompassing cryptocurrencies, the quantity of blockchain startups and the nations with the highest level of interest in crypto to find the most crypto-prepared nations.

Taking the best position is the island country of Hong Kong. The nation can be delegated the most crypto-prepared as it positions first in the main three for three of the classes as per research, including the quantity of blockchain startups per 100,00 individuals and the quantity of crypto ATMs corresponding to the population.

Courtesy to its little land region, the city-state has the smallest region per crypto ATM. Hong Kong likewise doesn’t tax capital gains on crypto, making it appealing to investors.

The second and third spot is held by the United States and Switzerland, with lower crypto-readiness scores of 7.7 and 7.5, respectively.

El Salvador even left a mark on the world last year for being the first country to perceive Bitcoin as legal tender.

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