Groom teases his bride during varmala, know what happened next

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No marriage is complete without laughter and jokes. There are times when the bride and groom also do not lag in pulling each other’s legs. Recently, a very funny video of the bride and groom has gone viral on social media. In this wedding video, at the time of the ‘varmala’ ritual, the bride and groom’s chirping is worth watching. The groom is seen teasing his bride before exchanging garlands.

Wedding videos on social media are worth watching, these days. The ceremony of Varmala has always been an important part of weddings. Now, an Instagram user Dulhaniyaa has shared a very special and funny video of the ceremony. In this video, the bride and groom are on the stage where the groom is seen teasing the bride during Varmala ceremony.

When the bride standing on the stage, is unable to make the groom wear a garland even after trying a lot, she gets tired and sits on the sofa. The moment groom felt that the bride has given up, he too sat on the sofa with his feet up. The bride then gets up from the sofa and puts a garland around the groom’s neck.

The video has hit more than 1.70 lakh views. Everyone is liking the bride’s wit very much. Also, this cute fight of the bride and groom is enough to win hearts.

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