Goldman Sachs job cuts: Techies share their plight on LinkedIn

The layoffs at global financial services company Goldman Sachs have come to India. Several impacted employees have shared posts on social networking website LinkedIn and microblogging platform Twitter about the same. Job cuts at Goldman Sachs are expected to affect more than 3,200 employees or about 6.5 per cent of its workforce. Here are some posts shared on LinkedIn by techies impacted by the job cuts at Goldman Sachs.
Gourav Sachdeva, an IIM Shillong graduate and a product manager at Goldman Sachs, wrote on LinkedIn that he was part of the layoffs at the company. “I was part of the layoffs yesterday at Goldman Sachs! While it’s undoubtedly a difficult time, I am looking at it as a kick-start for the next phase of my professional journey! Of course, I am also grateful to my amazing family for taking this so peacefully and sportingly!”
Shubham Sahu, an IIT-Kharagpur graduate wrote: “At the beginning of 2023, I was also impacted by the layoffs at Goldman Sachs just after my 23rd birthday. Wow, this is truly a different way to start a year. I am a 2022 graduate in Chemical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur. I worked as a Software Engineer (Backend Developer) as a part of GS’ Digital Bank, for roughly 6 months before I was laid off by Goldman Sachs on 11/01/2023. It was my first job and my first experience in software development….”
“You never think this will happen to you. Guess life had other plans for me. I joined Goldman Sachs straight out of college in 2019. I worked across different business units in different roles and always joked about being the youngest MD in a few years and low key wished for that. But then yesterday life clearly has different plans for me. I was one of the many fired yesterday in this mass layoff season,” wrote Dakshyani Singh, an analyst with the company.

“Hi Everyone – Unfortunately, I was impacted by the layoffs at Goldman Sachs. But I am not alone, 6% talented and hardworking colleagues were also impacted,” goes post from Arihant Luniya.
“Unfortunately, I have been affected by the recent layoffs at Goldman Sachs. It has been a wonderful learning experience for me to have learned so much from two separate offices in two different countries, not to mention the valuable relationships I’ve made along the way,” wrote Vivek Kumar, analyst at Goldman Sachs.
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