Gnox (GNOX) Continues To Attract New Investors From Top Crypto Projects Ethereum (ETH), Cronos (CRO) And Polygon (MATIC)

The top altcoins are breaking price resistance barriers left and right this past week. If you’re a savvy crypto trader, good for you. You’re probably making a killing swig trading. However, 99% of those who attempt swing trading end up losing money. A better strategy is to make money doing whatever you do best and invest in high-conviction assets for the long haul.

So is it time to ape into altcoins with everyone else? Even now, depending on which asset you pick, you may or may not see gains. While Polygon (MATIC) has almost tripled in price, Cronos (CRO) is only up by about a third. Meanwhile, Ethereum (ETH) has performed somewhere in the middle with 80% gains recently. Prior to this millions of crypto investors got burned by plummeting prices as these assets fell to somewhere in the neighborhood of 90% off their all-time highs.

So even if you’re ready to ape into the crypto market, it’s just not a good idea to pin your hopes on one asset. It’s much safer to diversify your investment. Ah, but this can take a ton of time. So, how best to approach the market?

Gnox Token: “Yield farming as service”

What if you could buy just one token that gives you exposure to a diversified selection of top cryptocurrencies that all produce passive income? You can. It’s called Gnox Token (GNOX).

By simply buying and holding GNOX, long-term investors can drastically lower their risk while at the same time earning passive income from their investment. They call this “yield farming as service.”

Yield farming is the process of identifying and investing in strong cryptocurrencies and then locking them up into passive income opportunities on DeFi platforms (such as those built on Ethereum, Cosmos, and Polygon). Frankly, it’s quite a lot of work that most people just don’t have the time to do.

With GNOX, all of that work is done for you by an experienced team of DeFi analysts. The Gnox platform aggregates data on passive income-generating opportunities from a wide array of platforms and blockchains. The experts then present the options in a report to GNOX holders who can vote on which opportunities are worthy of investment — if they want to.

To build a treasury, Gnox borrows a strategy from NFTs. The treasury is funded by a 10% royalty on all aftermarket sales of GNOX tokens. This means that amount of money being funneled into the treasury is constantly growing and thus producing more and more passive income.

The profits from yield farming activities are used to buy back GNOX tokens off exchanges and permanently remove them from circulation. These buybacks instantly raise the price of the token once every month. This also means the token supply is eternally deflating.

Also, a 10% portion of the 10% royalty is airdropped back to all GNOX holders every hour. This means you can sit back and watch your stack grow throughout the day.

GNOX is currently in ICO mode with the final phase of the presale ending on August 12th. Those who get in before the token hits the open market could see a very nice gain in the value of their stack as all unsold tokens will be burned prior to launch. No new tokens will ever be minted.

You can’t really make long-term crypto investing any easier. And with an eternally deflating supply and constantly increasing stacks GNOX could very well be the first DeFi token to see mass adoption. You can learn more and get in on the presale at the website.

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