Fury After Footage Shows Police Repeatedly Punch Teen Hadi Abutella in Oak Lawn, Illinois

Angry residents have protested outside the police department in Oak Lawn, Illinois, after shocking footage was captured of officers severely beating a 17-year-old following a traffic stop gone wrong. The footage, which was posted on social media, shows three Oak Lawn police officers repeatedly punching Hadi Abutella as he is pinned to the ground. Abutella’s mother told CBS News that her son suffered a fracture to his back and severe internal bleeding. “He has fractures all over his face, he’s bruised, he’s in the hospital right now with a neck brace,” said Dena Natour. “Why did the police, over 300 pounds, attack my son that’s only 115 pounds? Why did they do what they did? It’s not called for, it’s not necessary, and not acceptable. I want justice for my son. This is not acceptable.” Oak Lawn Police Chief Daniel Vittorio later revealed the car was pulled over because they smelled burnt marijuana. He said Abutella, a passenger in the vehicle, exited the car and attempted to run, forcing the officers to chase after him.

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