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In the day of Fake News accusations being made left and right toward news media facets it is now, more than ever, very important that we remain vigilant in deciphering fake allegations from fact to ensure citizens and voters know the difference before heading to the polls.

As a voter, each of us has the right to vote for the individual running for office that we feel will best represent our needs and interests. Yes, will have differences of opinions on who those individuals should be and why.

But a voter should, at the very least, understand what each candidate running for office is all about. Don’t make an important decision such as this just because a friend says “this is the way to vote”, or because this candidate wears and suit and this one doesn’t. We should be voting on a candidate’s history, their platform, their service to our community before and after the election process, their health and our confidence that they can handle the sworn duties they may be elected for.

During political season Social Media starts to look more like the “Liars Club” than an informational source. Where users start spouting off lies about current elected officials simply because they either don’t like them or back another individual running for office. When it gets to this point well, “Houston, We Have a Problem” right here in Lake Havasu.

The Today’s News-Herald has been following a series of social media attacks and lies that are meant to do one thing, sway voter’s opinions to not vote for current city council members. Elected officials that have been voted into their current position by the citizens of Lake Havasu City who entrusted them with making decisions on their behalf.

Now, if the information shared across Social Media had been verified to be accurate, that’s one thing. But none of the posts noted below have any merit, and are blatant lies.

Additionally, some of these posts are encroaching on becoming legally libelous and could hold legal concerns for those that write them and share across Social Media. Posts such as…

Council Members homes are being paid for by the City of Lake Havasu!

Council Members hires illegal immigrants to work at their local businesses to avoid paying taxes!

My favorite, the new City Courthouse is going to cost tax payers over $20 Million dollars to complete.

Here at the Today’s News-Herald we strive to be as honest and as accurate as possible. So when issues like this come up, we feel it is our duty to clarify so inaccurate or false information doesn’t negatively affect our community going forward.

As citizens of this community, it is our responsibility to seek and find accurate information. If you notice a flagrant post stating some very shocking information, ask the question? Is this accurate, rather than jumping on the “Share Band Wagon”. Click on the account page and see when it was created? How many followers does this person have? Is it a face account? Or reach out to us at the Today’s News-Herald for clarification. We will help in any way possible.

But ultimately, your vote is your choice. I Just that we try to make it on accurate information.

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