Friends visiting Nashville document hotel takeover on TikTok

The Ventura City Council approved spending $1.5 million to convert the La Quinta Inn at 5818 Valentine Road into housing for low income and homeless individuals. The project will also need state and federal dollars to complete. This is not the Quinta Inn the friends managed for a few hours in Nashville.

Three friends took it upon themselves to manage a Nashville hotel for a few hours.  

After a late night of partying, the trio was unable to check into their room at La Quinta Inn & Suites because there were no employees in sight. 

The saga was first documented on TikTok early Wednesday morning in a 40-second clip with a caption stating, “When you arrive to the hotel and there is no staff so you have a new job. We’ve been working for two hours.” 

After checking to make sure no one had fallen asleep behind the desk or in one of the back offices, the friends began to answer phones, greet customers, even set up the breakfast buffet. 

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