Francis Chrisley Surfaces On Instagram, Fans Relieved To See She’s Well

The Chrisley Knows Best Instagram account shared a photo of Francis yesterday. And, fans of this reality TV family were RELIEVED to see her. It wasn’t that long ago that the family requested prayers for Francis. So, they were quick to make it known they were happy to see her. Likewise, they hoped she was doing well.

Unfortunately, this isn’t really a new picture of her

Now, we have no reason to believe anything is wrong with Francis Chrisley. But, it is important to know this isn’t really a new picture of her. This photo is a clip from an older episode of the series. In fact, many of those who follow the show’s official Instagram instantly recognized the clip.

Some noted it was one of their favorite scenes in the series. Unfortunately, that does mean this photo isn’t exactly proof Francis Chrisley is alive and well. But, fans would like to assume the show’s official page wouldn’t have shared a photo of her if something was wrong.

Francis and Fanny Maye

Francis and Fanny Maye/ Youtube

Fans wish Nanny Faye and Francis Chrisley had their own show

Now, Nanny Faye Chrisley is a fan favorite. And, fans have made it clear they would LOVE to see some sort of spin-off with Nanny Faye getting more screentime. Fans have tossed out the idea of a Nanny Faye and Chase Chrisley spin-off. But, it sounds like they are also open to a Nanny Faye and Francis Chrisley spin-off.

“Frances and Faye should have had their own show. Love them together.” One follower penned in a comment liked a few dozen times.

Francis Chrisley Instagram

Francis Chrisley Instagram

Fans discuss her health, is she doing alright?

It’s been a little while since fans received an official update on how Francis Chrisley was doing. “Nice to see Francis. I hope she is doing and feeling better,” one fan penned in a comment that sparked a conversation about her health.

Another fan responded to the comment questioning if Francis Chrisley was ill. The individual who left the original comment responded with an explanation.

Nanny Faye Chrisley Is Fine, But Her Sister Francis Needs Prayers

The individual explained: “Randy Chrisley, Todd’s brother has been asking for prayers for her and I saw a recent post that she had completed treatment and was doing well.”

A third individual chimed in to reveal Todd had discussed Francis Chrisley having cancer on his podcast.

Do you wish the Chrisley family would give us some sort of update on how Francis Chrisley is doing? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Chrisley family.

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